Our trademark

Indychka LLC produces products under the trademark "Svoya Indychka", which has already become a favorite TM of Ukrainian consumers.

Is it possible to make everybody happy?
We can give a definitive answer to that question. Yes!

It is known that turkey boosts the levels of serotonin – “the happiness hormone” – which elevates our mood. However, it takes the right care for the turkey to acquire these unique qualities.

The company “Indychka” does not only grow but also cares about the turkey it farms. Health, happiness and energy – there is something for everyone in our turkey.


Partner friendly attitude

It is always nice and easy to have deals with LLC “Indychka”. We make prompt decisions; always consider our partners’ interests and work out easy and effective mechanisms of collaboration.

Sunny disposition

Turkey is a “bird of happiness”. Adding turkey to your diet boosts the happiness hormone serotonin. Serotonin reduces pressure, levels your mood, eases up stress and deals with depression. Owing to these qualities, “Indychka” employees are always happy, which makes your collaboration with us not only productive but also emotionally rewarding.

Focus on development and improvement

The world is ever changing and we are changing with it. We constantly monitor the needs of our customers and promptly adjust our business to meet those needs. We attend all the relevant scientific seminars and conferences on turkey rearing and upgrade our employees’ skills. Improving the rearing, processing and transportation is our number one priority.

Eco friendliness

Our farms are located in an ecologically pure part of the Sumy region. Our rich nature with its fresh air, green meadows and fields, unique waters makes our turkey the best turkey in the world. We take care not only about the turkey we grow but also about the environment. We know that healthy environment produces wholesome meat.

Our mission

Our mission is

to make the world a happy and healthy

place by producing delicious and wholesome turkey.

We set out to achieve this goal by

providing better conditions for growing and housing turkey,

organizing safe meat production and speedy transportation.

We want every family to

enjoy fresh, wholesome and delicious turkey.

Turkey farming

Poultry houses

We take due care of our turkey and grow the poultry without using any growth hormone in accordance with all international standards.

The farming is arranged according to high international standards.

The farm operates under the closed mode of production strictly adhering to veterinary and sanitary-hygienic norms.

The poultry houses are equipped with the latest innovations which allow maintaining optimal microclimate, temperature, ventilation, humidification and lighting.

Rearing turkey, LLC “Indychka” uses well-balanced natural feed. Our specialists have developed original nutrition programs and conduct a regular feed quality control.

Cultivation principles


Fresh air, green meadows and fields, clean waters make our turkey the best turkey in the world.

Free range turkey is characterized by better organoleptic properties of meat, which contains larger amounts of protein, vitamins and microelements and has a superb natural taste.


Our company successfully applies European experience, Ukrainian diligence and innovative technologies to produce high-quality meat.”

All the technological processes are carried out under the closed mode of production with all the veterinary and sanitary-hygienic norms being observed.

Modern technological lines and packaging solutions allow preservation of beneficial meat qualities up to 7 days using vacuum packaging and up to 14 days using modified atmosphere packaging without adding any chemical preservatives. Our family packs and monoblocks for wholesale customers allow economic and handy preservation of all the nutrition qualities of turkey.

Due to intensive development, our enterprise annually increases production. Today, LLC “Indychka” produces a great variety of ready-to-cook products and turkey co-products which correspond to world standards.

Production principles

Main types of products: fillet, thigh, drumstick, wing, ground-meat, offals.

More than 30 kinds of products. Vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging for the consumer. Family packs and monoblocks for wholesale customers.


Fresh and high quality products. The 24-hour cycle of production from slaughtering to the final product delivery

Any product is always available in the required quantities

The production has international certification

Facilitation in business development

Export opportunities




“Indychka” LLC

Girska st., 39, Krovne village
Sumy district, Sumy region, Ukraine, 42323